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Susan Heymann has gone from Assistant to General Manager of Chugg Entertainment in 14 years.

She’s the woman behind SIA’s most recent tour to Australia alongside Danish pop icon MO, British sensation Charlie XCX and local front runnner Amy Shark. Having started her career in 2004 as an assistant at Chugg Entertainment, Susan Heymann is now the General Manager and one of the most powerful people in the Australian music industry.

Susan HeymannSusan Heymann has proved that loyalty and dedication to a company, combined with a love of music is what ensures a steadfast career.

Susan has handled tours from The Preatures and DD Dumbo and is responsible for breaking artists such as No Name and Billie Eilish in 2017 via Laneway and PennyDrop.

To learn more about Susan and Chugg, check out her profile.

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