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Nicolette Fraillon is the Music Director of the Australian Ballet and she’s doing a mighty fine job.

The ballet is all about the dance and while no one can deny that the choreography and costuming is vital, the show cannot go one without the music. Nicolette Fraillon has been the Chief Conductor and Music Director of The Australian Ballet since 2003 and what a phenomenal career she has had.

Nicolette FraillonNicolette not only navigates each and every ballet the company puts on but she is leading a sizeable team of music experts in putting on these massive productions.

Beginning in The Netherlands as Assistant Musical Director in 1991-1992 season for the National Ballet of the Netherlands and then progressing through to her role as Music Director and Chief Conductor of the same company. She moved to Australia in 2002 and has been loyal to the Australian Ballet for the past 15 years.

To learn more about Nicolette and The Australian Ballet check out her profile.

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