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Meet Jodie Regan, the brains behind Western Australian label Spinning Top music.

In 2014, Jodie Regan launched the in-house label Spinning Top, after being involved with the formation of a family of bands that include Tame Impala and POND.

Get to know a little bit about the formation of Western Australia’s local in-house label Spinning Top, and the woman who started it all – Jodie Regan.

It all started when she began managing a band called Electric Blue Acid Dogs, who later morphed into Mink Mussel Creek, who then splintered into Tame Impala (formerly called The Dee Dee Dums). The ascent of Tame Impala inspired the formation of POND, which also spawned solo projects for Shiny Joe Ryan, GUM, and Nicholas Allbrook.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Regan explained that before becoming a band manager, she had hopes of becoming a successful musician herself. It was this love of music that led her to working with other musicians. “I realised then I wasn’t going to be a musician, but music has always been an enormous part of my life.’’ she said.

Flash forward five years, and Spinning Top are now managing more than 10 artists, with additions such as Peter Bibby and Felicity Groom adding to an already incredible line-up of artists under their wing.

The musicians that Regan manages have produced some of the best new music of the last decade, including numerous albums that have been considered among the best psychedelic rock albums of the 2010s.

Find out more about Spinning Top music here.

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