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Jimi Wyatt is the founder of Melbourne’s Ginger Studios.

Jimi Wyatt has been passionate about music since he was 7 years old and steadily progressed his way through his later life into some of the best studio environments anyone could ask for. Including the venerable Jonathan Burnside of Grinspoon acclaim.

In describing his vision for Ginger Studios, the business he founded in the heart of Melbourne, Jimi has said “The Duality fit my vision for Ginger, speed of workflow, sonics, aesthetics, reliability and integration. I wanted something that would integrate old and new technology (analogue and digital) seamlessly and not impede creative flow and Duality fits that bill perfectly. I can get a power supply from the UK in 24 hours – that’s service and the client is like “wow, this place has got us covered”.

Jimi WyattJimi Wyatt’s aim was to great the quality of recording studio in Melbourne as those he knew and loved from London and the US.

Of his time working with Jonathan, Jimi has said “I worked as an assistant doing the normal cleanup and make coffee thing after graduating and eventually got a break at Eastern Bloc as house engineer” Jimi Wyatt is a great example of a professional in the music industry who put in the hours and has managed to carve himself a stellar reputation.

To learn more about Jimi and Ginger Studios, check out his profile.

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