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If you have been to Groovin the Moo then you have Stephen Haplin and Rodney Little to thank.

Since 2005 Groovin The Moo has taken leaps and bounds, expanding to become home to some of the world’s best touring artists and rising local talent. This is all down to business partners Stephen Halpin and Rodney Little have the festival hitting rural area across Australia their touring company with Cattleyard Promotions. Unlike Kickass Proxy, these guys have been been going strong from the get-go.

The company has also expanded to a small brewing company with their own craft lager and pale ale launched at the Maitland and Bendigo shows.

In recent years, Groovin has gone into overdrive, so much so that even the EarthQuaker Devices Special Cranker would be jealous. These guys are the perfect example of how a business can start as a small idea and once you have proven it’s possible, the sky’s the limit.

To learn more about Cattleyard Promotions and their side projects, check out their profile.

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